Home Remedies For Backache

can be considered as one of the most common problems faced by people around the world. It is also a common symptom for different kinds of illnesses. The is mainly caused to the center of the back, along the spine or on both sides of the spine. The primary reasons for backaches are strain, fatigue and lack of balance. can be caused due to an accident or injury to the spine or some other kinds of diseases. Other reasons for can be as simple as the way you sit in your office to constipation, increasing age, pregnancy, ulcer of the stomach, liver congestion, gallstones, cystitis, high-heeled shoes, unstable nervous system and many different reasons for which would we would have to write a new topic altogether.

Home Remedies for Backache/Back Pain

Use a heating pad or hot water bottle to ease the pain. You can also the ice on your back but not directly. Whichever makes you feel better you can try that hot or cold.

By stopping smoking you can avoid the pain in the back

is a great remedy for backache. Having two to three cloves of every morning may give you the required results.

Garlic oil rubbed on our back also works to provide you a positive result.

A mixture of powdered sonth, sweet soda and if consumed with hot milk or water can alleviate your backache problems

Fish oil consumed daily is also a great way to combat backache problem

Keep yourself warm and eat hot food

Make a concoction by boiling ten tulsi leaves in one cup of water. Keep boiling till the water is reduced to half. Once this solution is cooled add salt and consume it everyday. If suffering from severe backache problems have it twice a day.

Massaging eucalyptus oil or mustard oil is also very good for backache problems

Consuming half a teaspoon Guggulu with warm water after your meals is very useful

Make a mixture five black pepper corns, five cloves and one gram dry ginger powder to be mixed in your tea and consumed at least twice a day.

Mix half a gram of cinnamon powder to one teaspoon honey and eat this mixture at least twice a day for best results.

Another way to reduce acute lower back problem is to get a good number of laps in a warm pool of water.

Aspirin or ibuprofen helps in reducing the inflammation. So you can have any of these a day to counter this problem.

Fresh yarrow juice is a great way to strengthen the back muscles. This may help in preventing the back problem.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it.

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Massage Your Head The Indian Way

, a revered form of healing is in practice since decades. Touch which is a vitally important to human well being takes the form of skilled and sensitive . Beside relaxing and revitalizing an ailing or tired body, it communicates warmth, reassurance and a sense of self worth. is an ideal way to ease anxiety, worries and soothe tight muscles resulting from tension and . There are many kinds, variations, styles and sequences of massage, influenced by local traditions, used in different parts of the world.

head massage is one of the most popular forms of head massage also known as “Champissage” is characterized by a sequence of massage movements.

Originated over thousands of years ago in India, Indian head massage, traditionally began as family grooming with mothers massaging their daughters with oils for long lustrous locks.

Over a period of time, Indian head massage has included massage of the , shoulder and face with a blend of shiatsu and acupressure to relax tense areas, rebalance the energy and clear any concentrated areas of negativity.

Since there are several acupressure points on the head, a Champissage is felt throughout the entire body. The massage may be dry or oils may be used. The advantage of using oils for massage is that besides nourishing the hair, it calms the nervous system, as the roots of one’s hair are connected to nerve fibres.

Indian head massage is beneficial to those who are affected by mental and emotional stress. It helps to improve circulation in head, enhance the senses, improve memory and promote clear thinking.

If youre suffering from headaches, migraines, insomnia, vertigo and depression, Champissage will work wonders. Air conditioning, artificial lightening, slouching in front of the PC, etc often cause stress in the neck and shoulder region. Massaging the neck and shoulder areas in addition to the head massage will bring relief from stress.

Reduces hair loss, premature balding & graying, improves eyesight and concentration due to massage of the temples, eyebrows and forehead. People with chronic spinal disorders such as osteoporosis and arthritis require a more gentle massage. The pressure should be applied according to the need of the individual.

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Defining Lasik Eye Surgery – How It Works

eye is a refractive intended to reduce a patients dependency on eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK is the most prevalent of all refractive types. LASIK aims to reshape the in order to allow for accurate refraction, which results in the light rays falling exactly on the retina (a series of light sensing cells). This enables crystal clear vision.

In general, common refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism are caused due to the irregularities of the corneal surface. These anomalies can be corrected by reshaping the cornea. LASIK makes use of an advanced called excimer, which is an ultraviolet chemical . The is controlled by sophisticated computer software. The computer-controlled sensors measure the eye position a few thousand times per second, and then redirect the to make precise incisions in the cornea. The reshaped cornea allows for the desired refraction and therefore results in enhanced visual acuity.

Conventional LASIK procedure makes use of a microkeratome, a diminutive surgical blade, to cut a flap in the corneal surface. However, variations of the traditional LASIK procedure may employ a laser to accomplish the same. Whatever may be the procedure to cut the flap, after its done, the excimer laser is used for precise ablation of the stroma the middle layer of the cornea. The flap is then folded back so as to act as a natural bandage. The cornea may take a few days to heal. During this period, the patient may experience blurry vision and certain minor side-effects like halos or glare. However, these complications normally subside within a few days or weeks, when the cornea has completely healed.

Other common types of surgery, apart from traditional LASIK, are photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), radial keratotomy (RK), and LASEK. There is also a rather new procedure and it can be considered as an enhancement of the traditional LASIK procedure. It is called custom LASIK or wavefront-guided LASIK. It is a more advanced procedure and is capable of treating other vision impairments as well, apart from the common vision disorders specified above.

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Could A Novel Toothbrush Topper Knock Out Bad Breath?

Youre so used to that minty, fresh taste of toothpaste kick-starting you awake every morning that you just cant dream of doing away with it. Well, you dont have to just make sure you brush with something else added to your toothbrush, and you might find youve kissed goodbye!

Please Pass the
Would you believe that something as simple as salt and pepper on your brush goes a long way in preventing and checking bad breath? The combination gets rid of bacteria build-up in the mouth and promises you cleaner, fresher breath. So get those pepper and salt shakers off your dining table and into your bathrooms.

And how does this unlikely pair prevent bad breath? Pepper is a strong anti-bacterial agent. Salt too, for that matter. In addition, salt helps tighten the gums around the base of the teeth, which discourages gum disease, a problem that typically starts when food particles get trapped in these crevices and start putrefying. Put salt and pepper together and you have a winning combo for your teeth! So shake them on and brush away bad breath.

The director of the Environmental Dental Association has an even better solution equal measures of salt and baking soda. Wash out your toothbrush with a 1:1 solution of peroxide and water, dip it into the powder and brush away. You might grimace at the taste, but youll smile when you smell your breath.

Tend to That Tongue
What also makes a huge difference to some peoples bad breath — and can even make it disappear — is to clean your tongue every day, maybe twice a day. Research on oral hygiene has identified a coated tongue as one of the key areas that contribute to bad breath. So get yourself a good tongue cleaner no, dont use your toothbrush and get to work.

When using one, be sure to clean from the inside out, from the throat area toward the lips. Bring it down firmly without pressing the flesh too hard (a good tongue cleaner will help prevent the gag effect). What your cleaner or scraper should do is remove the gooey stuff accumulated on the tongue without irritation or harm.

For many people, a copper tongue cleaner works best. Its firm and doesnt rust. And it soon gets rid of days of bad eating and and the resulting deposits on your tongue. Who would have ever thought a clean tongue would be so important? Well, try it and see. Pay attention to the part at the very back, where the greatest number of odor-causing bacteria is found. If your bad breath stems from all that stuff on your tongue, its very possible to get rid of it!

Wash Out Your Mouth (But Not with Soap)
What also helps many people is mouthwash, as long as you dont make the mistake of buying the kind with , which can worsen bad breath.

You could make an herbal, all-natural mouthwash at home with a cup of water and a drop of peppermint oil. Or, try water in which mint leaves have been steeped for 10 minutes. Or use a light infusion of green tea, which has been shown to have a potent effect on bad breath.

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Important Things To Know About Alcohol Abuse And Alcohol Testing

While consumption is considered to be a recreational activity for adults, it can carry with it potential health hazards including dependence, addiction, liver damage and all kinds of different . Alcohol test kits can help put a stop to irresponsible , and reduces the amount of workplace , drunk driving arrests and and binge drinking-related deaths.

of Alcohol Abuse

Someone under the influence of alcohol typically exhibits very characteristic signs including glassy eyes, irritability, memory loss, decreased hygiene, job performance and school performance, argumentative behavior and decline in relationships.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

People who consume 15 or more drinks per week are prone to developing alcohol dependence or becoming alcoholics. Symptoms of alcoholism include excuse-making behavior in order to drink, violent outbursts, tendency to hide drinking habits, forgetting meals, nausea, confusion, decline in physical appearance, inability to quit drinking and drinking alone.

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is very serious. A person suffering from alcohol poisoning requires immediate medical attention, as death can result. Some signs and symptoms to watch for that indicates alcohol poisoning include confusion, seizures, vomiting in sleep, hypothermia and irregular or slowed breathing. If someone has drank a large quantity of alcohol and exhibits these symptoms, call 911 immediately.


There are several different types of alcohol detection tests for use both in the home and in the workplace. The most popular include the analyzer and a saliva screen test. Both of these alcohol drug test kits provide fast and easy-to-read results with lab-accuracy.

Alcohol testing kits are valuable tools that help to keep people responsible for their drinking behaviors. Likewise, alcohol testing can help businesses maintain a safe and healthy work environment for their employees, lowering the amount of onsite accidents and saving companies money. Alcoholism is damaging to a companys production rate and reputation, by increasing losses due to sick days, lowered productivity, onsite accidents, workers compensation claims and insurance claims. This is precisely the reason many companies opt to incorporate alcohol drug testing into their procedures.

Some industries are required to enforce the use of alcohol drug test kits. Such an industry is the Department of Transportation, which is government mandated to comply with alcohol and drug testing regulations. DOT alcohol & drug tests keep the public safe and the Department of Transportation accountable.

Parents can also benefit from alcohol tests. A simple breathalyzer test can determine whether or not your teen has been drinking, and if so how much. A simple alcohol drug test can help you either lay your fears to rest as a parent or seek appropriate help for your child should the need arise.

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